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"I don't know what to tell you about anything..." Robin Quivers - June 19th, 2007

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Robin's latest gaffes. . .

Robin Quivers did a story on P.E.T.A.ís picketing of KFC today. The emphasis of the story was how KFC inhumanly treats the chickens they use for their restaurants.

Did Robin do any research to find out how KFC inhumanly treats the chickens? Did Robin do any research to find out how KFC processes the chickens for slaughter? How about any research at all? Nope.

Once again Robin sounded clueless when Howard asked her what P.E.T.A. claims KFC does to the chickens and all she could do was stammer and provide almost no information. A chicken with its head cut off could have more accurately reported on this story. (2.7.08)  -CJBronco77.

While "reporting" on a planned P.E.T.A. demonstration against KFC, Robin Cronkite-Quivers announced that a life-size version of Colonel "Saunders" would be burned.

The rest of the world refers to the KFC icon as "Sanders".  (2.7.08) -MacHinehead



Lisa G mentioned during her segment this morning that High Pitch Mike had gone to see the movie 27 Dresses with Richard Christie's girlfriend before the Super Bowl. After some discussion of Mike going to see a chick flick Robin Quivers interrupted and said that Richard's girlfriend was obviously thinking about marriage because she had gone to see the movie "28 Dresses".

A brain late and a dress extra once again for Robin. (2.7.08) -hero1240.


Howard was discussing the death of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the show this morning. The subject was so foreign to Robin, she was strangely silent. Howard mentioned that the expert in Transcendental Meditation was a Hindu. Sensing that she hadn't graced the audience with an inane comment or interrupted someone else in several seconds, Robin blurted out, "I don't know anything about Hinduism."

Please add Hinduism to the list of things that Robin Quivers knows nothing about.  (2.6.08) -The Amazed Listener.

During the news while talking about Amy Winehouse at this year's Grammy Awards, Robin Quivers said Britney was the big star at last year's show.

Britney was nowhere to be seen or heard from at last year's Grammy Awards...she wasn't a performer, presenter, nominee or award winner.

As usual, Robin was as confused as Britney Spears when she made her appearance at the MTV VMA's last year.  (2.5.08) -Crazy Ray.

This morning Howard was talking about the Super Bowl upset by the Giants over the Patriots. Howard said, " really does hit you with the enormity of it. This team, this New England Patriots team had won every single game...."

Just as he was about to make his point, sports genius and mathematician Robin Quivers interrupted with a long and drawn out, "19 games in a roooooooooooooooow."

Sorry Robin, the Patriots won 18 in a row.  If they had won the Superbowl, it would have been 19. (2.4.08) -The Amazed Listener

If you have a few extra minutes to spare from online gambling or looking at pr0n, please head over to VitalPodcasts and vote for my friends at Uncensored Net noise.  Thanks!  (2.1.08) -robinswrong



On today's show, there was discussion of the writers' strike but despite the strike, Howard mentioned that a new episode of Smallville will air tonight.  TV expert Robin Quivers remarked, "They must have held one back." If Robin would have done a mere ten seconds of research it would have revealed that the next three episodes will be new.

If cucumbers and gourds were kryptonite to Robin, the Robinswrong website would not have Robin to critique! (1.31.08) -The Amazed Listener

Howard played a great bit created by Sal & Richard in which Big Foot talked at length on the phone with snippets of recordings of his own voice without realizing it was his own voice. The analogy was drawn between Big Foot's performance and that of a dog barking at its own image in a mirror. Robin Quivers "added to" or more accurately "subtracted from" the conversation with her comment, "or chasing his own tail."

How is a dog chasing its own tail analogous to Big Foot speaking to his own voice or a dog barking at its own image? Only on Planet Quivers, somewhere beyond Uranus (or in it!).  (1.31.08) -The Amazed Listener

During Robin Quiver's news the group was talking about funny videos online such as "Hitler loves the Cowboys" and Tracy Morgan's "Blackass."

Robin surprisingly had to chime in with her twenty eight cents on the topic. She brought up Will Ferrell's sketch, "The Landlord" in which he gets cursed out by his two year old landlord for not paying his rent on time. She then mistakenly said that the child playing the landlord is Will Ferrell's daughter, when it is in fact Ferrell's longtime collaborator (and co-star/co-creator of this video) Adam McKay's daughter.

Just another pearl of misinformation from Robin Quivers.  (1.30.08) -Robin=Ear Cancer.


The gang was discussing Sean Young's outbursts at the Directors' Guild of America awards ceremony on the show today. Howard played audio of the incident and Howard commended Ms. Young while criticizing the director Julian Schnabel for "futzing around" and not being prepared to speak. Medical Expert Robin Quivers opined, "So you don't think she should have been carted off to a mental institution after this?" Howard immediately corrected Robin and explained (what everyone in the world but Robin knew) that Ms. Young had gone into rehab for alcoholism.

This incident made me ponder whether Robin should go into rehab or a padded cell for flying to California in a first class seat for a less than 24 hour trip to rearrange the location of her blood.  (1.30.08) -The Amazed Listener


This morning, the gang was discussing Howard and Beth's future wedding and the fact that Sal won't be there. The thought was shared sarcastically that maybe everyone who wronged Beth in high school should be invited along with Sal.

Wedding Planner Robin Quivers chimed in saying, "When she looks out on her wedding party, she will just see all the people who have done her wrong."

No one ever suggested Sal might be one of Howard's ushers. As anyone but Robin knows, the "wedding party" consists of the Best Man, Maid (or Matron) of Honor, Ushers and Bridesmaids. "Wedding Party" is not synonymous with "wedding guests."  (1.30.08) -The Amazed Listener

Howard talked once again this morning about having pinworms as a child. Just as she was wrong March 15, 2007 when talking about pinworms, Robin Quivers was wrong once again today when she said her dog once had the parasite.

If Robin would only glance at this site occasionally she could keep from making the same mistakes over and over and over because dogs don't get pinworms.  (1.29.08) -robinswrong

Robin Quivers mentioned that the new Rambo movie fell short in its opening weekend because of another new film's debut which she referred to as, "The Spartans."

Now, I didn't see this ridiculous movie, nor will I, but at least I can name a horrible flick when it comes out so I know what not to see. Someone please inform The Queen of Disinformation that the movie all of us should avoid is entitled, "Meet the Spartans."

Don't worry, Robin...we don't expect much from you. We all know how hard reading words can be, especially when your head is in the place you put your coffee.  (1.28.08) -Griff, Head From A** Removal Services.

Robin Quivers bashed the new Rambo movie during her news claiming it performed far worse in the box office than the previous films in the series. The latest Rambo installment had the second strongest opening weekend out of the four. Here's the breakdown:

- First Blood (Rambo 1) had the weakest opening weekend with $6.6 million.
- Rambo: First Blood 2 had the best opening weekend with $20 million.
- Rambo 3 had an opening weekend with $13 million.
- Rambo (2008) opened the past weekend at $18.2 million.

When it comes to movie knowledge we give Robin two thumbs down.  (1.28.08) -Hollywood G.

"The Patriots have not won by large margins this season."

Yet another quote from Robin "the Greek" Quivers, the resident football expert on the Howard Stern Show. Fearing death if she should stop speaking for one second, Robin unleashed this little diddy straight from her ass. In fact, they were mauling teams so badly that articles were written about the possible backlash for Belichick and the Patriots because they were running up the score.

Here are some totals:

38-14, 38-14, 38-7, 34-13, 34-17, 48-27, 49-28, 52-7, 56-10...Right again Robin...the Patriots barely squeaked by in these games.  (1.28.08) -Always more informed than Robin.

Today Artie said he would be on Letterman January 29th and one of the other guests was none other than Paris Hilton.

He then mentioned that for his last appearance, Nicole Ritchie was one of the guests. Robin Quivers piped up and said,"you're always with the Hilton sisters!"

The last time I checked, Nicole Ritchie wasn't a Hilton sister.  (1.28.08) -Deasel

Robin Quivers, during her news, wondered aloud if Najeh Davenport was still playing for the Packers.

A quick check on the interweb reveals what Robin could have found out: he plays for the Steelers (drafted by the Pack, yes), but why is she just now getting around to telling the story from his college days? She told a six year old story about a player who is nowhere near the Super Bowl like it was news. And Davenport was drafted in 2002, not 2004 as Robin reported.

Somebody please let her know that Gore lost to Bush...that's a hot story right now.  (1.23.08) -bumliquor.


Howard took a call from someone claiming to have information about a recent boating trip that Robin took. Apparently, she smashed into a number of other boats, but Robin claims none of them were damaged. Then she blamed what happened on the wind. We received this picture, but have been unable to confirm if it is Robin's boat after her demolition derby.

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